The Project

Over the course of my first year in university I took up longboarding as a pastime. I saw my longboard as my first car: four wheels! Then I started to wonder if longboarding could be more than a pastime.

Project Details

  • year 2014
  • client Me
  • nature Personal Project
  • what I did Product Design, Making

Problem Scenario

Longboards are a great mode of personal transport. Small, nimble, human powered. Just as fast as a bycicle, but doesn't take up any space. However, when indoors, carrying them can be a hassle and also damaging to your clothes. This longboard has built-in handles, which removes those downsides and makes it more applicable as a small and sustainable transport solution.

VISION   A longboard as a practical mode of transport.

INTERACTION   Like carrying a suitcase.

Three things I've learned

  1. Building things for real is a lot of fun.
  2. Even if you break something, you can always fix it.
  3. People's responses to a design are much stronger if it is tangible instead of abstract.

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