The Project

On march 12th, 2021, I graduated with this project. In the project I explored financial well-being for adolescents in 2025, and envisioned a more vulnerable and worthy society, illustrated by a concept product that improves relationships through shame resilience theory (Brown, 2006), designing with dilemmas (Desmet & Ozkaramanli, 2016), and small debts.

Project Details

Project Overview

The project showcase (PDF also available below) gives an overview of the contents of the project.

download project showcase PDF download graduation report PDF

Three things I've learned

  1. Combining Reframing and Design for Emotion allows me to create a thread all the way from strategy through to execution
  2. Vulnerability is a powerful concept that can really transformed the way I look at society, myself, and design. Thanks Brené!
  3. Writing can be a powerful tool for design

More Work

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